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2018 Pinot Noir
Sexton Valley

Our Sexton Valley Pinot Noir is new to our "Vineyard Designate Posse", a small vineyard in the Sebastopol hills near the town of Freestone. Guy says this wine has one foot in the Russian River Valley and one in Sonoma Coast.

We are the *only* winery who gets access to this little vineyard, so you won't see these grapes under anyone else's label.
This is a perfect End of Summer Pinot Noir with the marine influence from the Sonoma Coast and the fog layer from the Russian River Valley. The bright red fruits mingle with rose petals and orange blossom aromatics to create a Pinot Noir which makes a Pinot that delivers layers and layers of fruit and spice, yet holds an elegance and refinement that sets it apart from the pack.

In the Winery:
At Davis Family Vineyards we strive to highlight the unique characteristics that make fruit from each vineyard, from each varied mico-climate, so very special and unique. All of our Pinot Noir is aged in French oak for 10 months. 1/3 of the barrels are new, 1/3 are one year old, and 1/3 are 2 year old. In doing so, we are able to benefit from the finesse and structure of barrel aging, while not overwhelming the varietal characteristics of Pinot Noir.